Wordsmith. Rootworker. Alchemist. Creatrix.

I am the “Black Indian” woman they tried to erase from history, and I dream of abolition.

My work is alchemy at the crossroads between the spiritual, material, and digital world. My creative practice involves weaving these realms together through storytelling, speculative design, visual arts, and communal discourse. Using Native American philosophies of land stewardship, and African conceptions of time and space, my work centers the ancient wisdom of my ancestors as fertile ground for radical possibility.

Above all else, I see myself as a vessel for Spirit, and allow my intuition to guide my work. With traditional & digital painting, various technologies, and modes of written expression ranging from academic research to storytelling, I use my gifts to channel messages of Truth, and center Indigenous cosmologies in everything I create, build, transcribe, and tell.

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